Growing Basket Herbs

Growing Basket Herbs


I love cooking with herbs but buying them is so expensive. I have a large array of dried herbs, but fresh herbs are really useful for pastas or even cocktails such as minty ‘Mojitos’. You can grow herbs in anything really.

Good recipe: (

I like to have a couple of pots on my windowsill and a nice basket outside because outside they water themselves.  Also, you can cheat if you want to and buy some herbs from the supermarket that are in little pots already and plant them up. Instant herb garden. I will say though, be careful with mint. I love it but it takes over anything you grow, so keep that one in its own little pot.

Don’t grow what you think you should but grow what you actually like to eat or drink with. I had a lovely coriander once, only to realise I hate coriander. It tastes of soap.

If you start an outside basket in the Winter or early Springtime, I’d recommend starting off the seeds indoors first until they are few cm large.


  • A basket with some form of liner (you can buy the liner or use paper) or plant pot on the kitchen window
  • Compost or good soil
  • Seeds for the herbs you like e.g., parsley, basil, chives
  • Watering can


  1. Fill your lined basket with some compost.
  2. Add the seeds and water.
  3. The more you cut back the herbs and use them, the healthier the plant becomes so I’d recommend doing it regularly. If you have excess herbs, you can always freeze them in ice cube trays in water to preserve them until you have a recipe ready for them.

Some nice kits and seeds to buy to get started:

Herb Seeds

Plant Pots

Hanging Baskets

Windowsill box

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