Candle Making

Candle Making

Candle Making is a really simple craft that you can adapt with whatever fragrances; colours, moulds or containers you like best. Try to use the professional materials because just adding your favourite perfume does not necessarily make a nice smelling scented candle. Trust me on this one. You can however mix fragrances and colours to make really unique gifts. It’s also very frugal to learn how to melt down candle wax properly because if you buy an expensive shop bought candle you know how to ‘rewick’ it and get best value out of it and the jar/tin it comes in.

Ingredients: (You can either buy as a kit or separately from shops such as ‘Hobby Craft’ locally or via ‘eBay’ online) ( (

  • Candle sand or wax pellets
  • Moulds or glass jars or even teacups
  • Fragrances
  • Candle wicks
  • Colours
  • You will also need:
  • A small pan or microwavable bowl
  • A spoon for stirring


  • An apron
  • String
  • Lollipop sticks and ‘Blue tack’
  • Stick on labels for the jars



  1. Using a pan or microwavable bowl melt half of the candle sand until liquid form, but not boiling. On a hob only use a gentle to medium heat for a few minutes. In the microwave, heat on medium in 30 second bursts.
  2. Once melted remove from the heat and add 2-3 drops fragrance and a block of colour dye. Stir.
  3. Pour your mixture into the moulds provided and give them a little tap to release air bubbles. Retain a little wax (about 20% of total) in the pan for top ups later.
  4. Allow to cool slowly.
  5. Cut the wicks so they are the same or slightly higher height than the moulds.
  6. After about 15 minutes add the wicks in the centre of the moulds and hold them for 60 seconds until they stand by themselves.
  7. After another 20 minutes transfer to fridge to cool completely.
  8. Your candles will be ready after a few hours dependent on the temperature of your fridge.
  9. You will find the candle will have a little dip in the top. Re-heat the wax you left over and pour carefully into the candles to fill the dips.
  10. Put back in the fridge ideally overnight.
  11. Remove from the mould.
  12. Repeat using the other half of the candle sand with a different colour.

Helpful Tips:

  • Be careful with the hot wax mixture and do not let it boil. It can burn if you get it on your skin.
  • Do not add more than 2-3 drops of fragrance or the candle will be very strong and unpleasant.
  • I recommend buying a small pan from a value store for £1 and reusing this pan over and over again.
  • Use old jars or teacups for really pretty candle holders. Jars will pretty lids make great presents.
  • If you haven’t got time to let the wax cool before inserting the wicks you can put them in at the beginning and tie your wick to a lollipop stick and ‘Blue tack’ it to the horizontally across the top of the mould. This suspends the wick in the centre of the candle whilst it cools.

Some nice resources to buy to get you going:

Jam Jars

Candle Wax

Candle Wicks

Candle Colours

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