Growing Sunflowers


Sunflowers are super easy and look amazing once they grow large. Once you’ve planted your seedlings make sure to not transplant them to outside until they are between 10cm and 20cm large because from experience I will tell you that slugs adore them. Also, once they grow, you’ll need to support them with canes or tie them to a wall or some trellis because some of the varieties can get taller than you! Sunflowers

At the end of the summer once the flower heads have dried up, I like to cut them off the stem and hang them in the garden via string as birds adore them. I read an article once whereby a lady hang strung them into a wreath shape and hung it on her garden shed for the birds and it looked amazing.

If you want more information on planting seeds and planting out, please see my Book section.

Good sources for seeds:



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