Throw a Baby Shower

Once my friends and family started having babies I organised and ran Baby Showers. Baby Showers are an American tradition, I believe that has become more common in Europe in the past few years. What it does is give the family having the new baby a special celebration and can provide them with starter tools such as nappies and baby outfits to support them financially in the early days of the baby being born.Picture1.png

Firstly, don’t throw the too early just in case something happens to the mum to be in the process of being pregnant. It’s unusual but can happen so you don’t want to have it too early just in case. Tradition dictates a month before the birth date is sensible.

Agree with the mum to be the best location because they may want to not have to clean their house for guests when heavily pregnant or equally may want to stay at home close to the birth of their child.

Send out invites to the family and friends desired with the mum to be and advise everyone if gifts are desired. Gifts don’t need to cost anything if that’s not an option but can be words of wisdom or advice to family on raising children.

I like to organise games or quizzes at the shower itself as they are traditional. There’s a huge range now online you can download or buy items for. Traditional ones include getting a piece of string and tying it round the mum’s bump and then everyone guesses the size; or filling nappies with different smells and textures such as chocolate and then everyone has to guess what’s in the nappy!


If you are organising drinks remember the mum to be can’t drink alcohol so I organise some big jugs of fruity non-alcoholic cocktails so everyone feels excited drinking the different drinks and the guests who can drink can add alcohol without the mum to be feeling left out.

Good Links to cocktails I’ve tried. I highly recommend the Margharita Mocktail:

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