Minnie Mouse Converse for Disney trip

I visit Disney World every few years and I get super excited in the planning stages. I have a Mickey Mouse chalk board with a count down on it for the number of days and I even have a specific Disney Packing List which I’ll share in another blog.


This year I was pondering Pinterest and found some amazing crafts to make Disney or more specifically Minnie Mouse inspired converse trainers. Trainers or sneakers in the US are an absolute essential for any theme park day as you walk miles every day, so you need comfortable feet. Converse that are themed seemed to be the perfect idea, therefore.

I started by buying some super cheap converse from Amazon (links below) and a long piece of spotty ribbon. I also bought some cheap gems that I think were meant for card making and fabric glue which is flexible and stretchy.

When all the items arrived, I coated the toe of the shoe in fabric glue and stuck on the gems shaping the dark ones into Mickey’s head. Do Mickey’s headfirst so you are happy with the symmetrical placement then work the clear gems around it.


Then I cut the ribbon in half and on the serrated edges I used a candle to melt the loose fibres together so it wouldn’t fray. Allow the glue to dry over night and you are done.

I tested the shoes in the Florida 90 degree heat and they lasted the whole trip so I was happy with the result.

Some materials to buy to copy this idea:





Craft Gems


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