Making a Picnic Basket

Making a Picnic Basket
For Christmas we received a lovely hamper of sweets and chocolates. It came in a picnic basket which is really sturdy and I’ve always wanted one of those traditional picnic hampers.
By way of priority in making sure this was a good and usable idea I grabbed a bottle of nice wine from the wine rack to make sure it would fit and therefore I wouldn’t end up with a picnic basket I wouldn’t use. It fitted! So the next thing on the list was to ‘Google’ baskets I liked the look of and I really like ‘Cath Kidston’ or inspired by floral prints. I didn’t think it was a practical idea to use some of the pretty fabric scraps I had in the house because just one spill of food or wine would run the basket so I found an old oil cloth tablecloth that had torn so was perfect for cutting up. I think I got the table cloth from ‘eBay’ where you can buy them by the meter for a few pounds.
Next I ran around the house collecting up plastic plates; cutlery; salt n pepper shakers, bottle stoppers and glasses I would like in the basket. I made sure they would fit and looked on ‘Pinterest’ at house those baskets normally look. I then grabbed a piece of A4 card and stuck the oil cloth around it (use Superglue or really strong glue) so I’d have a sturdy lid insert cover. I then glued the oil cloth to inside of the basket and made some little cup holders to keep my cups in place.
On the insert cover lid I placed my plates and cutlery where I’d like to sit and used a craft knife to make slits down each side. I inserted elastic (the basic stuff you buy to put in clothes) and tied and glued it around the back. Finally I used my trusty staple gun to attach the insert cover lid to the lid of the basket.
I’m really pleased with result and it cost me nothing than recycling old materials. Happy Summer Picnics for me!

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