Growing Cat Grass for Molly Moo Cat


Ever since I’ve had my cat Molly Moo (who you have met before in Blog I’ve regularly grown her Cat Grass. Cat Grass is really good for digestion in cats and often I’ve seen Molly when she’s had a big meal or seeming a bit lazy go straight for her grass and then she’s running around like a crazy lady in no time. Apparently if you have a long haired cat, it can also really help with furballs but Molly is short haired, so I have no experience of this.
You can buy seeds pretty much anywhere, but I’ve included an Amazon link below.
Simply grab a plant pot with potting compost; add a layer of seeds and water Then grow like wildfire and are super resilient.
A few tips are to sow them densely as Molly likes a good chomp across a few blades at once; remember to water and give them sunlight. Don’t make the mistake of leaving them out in your garden unless you enjoy other cats visiting (but you may well like this!). I also like the plant pot method rather than just sewing into your flower beds as Molly can then have it inside on a rainy day and you can keep them controlled.

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