Engagement Announcement

Firstly I’d like to say I’m so sorry for the absence in the past few months but I’ve been very busy and had some major life altering events. I got engaged! That means I’ve lots of lovely crafts to blog about over the next year. Also, linked to that I am doing the inevitable diet before getting married so that means I’m in a crazy state of trying and amending low carb recipes at the moment. Some of these recipes at moment are not going incredibly well so I’ll share my mistakes but more importantly how I improve them to make them more edible.


If you want to know about the proposal I’ll share the key moment which was a very romantic picnic in Central Park, New York on a warm afternoon. We’d picked up some sandwiches and these gorgeous canned cocktails which I know sounds awful but they ice cold flavoured Margarita mixes so for lazy about people watching on the grass they were just perfect. A little tip for people planning on engaged in Central Park is not to do it on top of a hill unless however you love the spectacle of everyone clapping and cheering around you! I still can’t decide whether I loved or hated it but I think in the end it was a combination of both.

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