Low carb coconut bread

This recipe came from ‘The Atkins’ website and variations are widely shared in communities online. It’s super rich so when I say cut it into 16 slices do not feel tempted to make these larger as they look small but are so heavy to eat (in a good way). Also, although it’s described as bread it’s a bit like the bread you had on holiday in the late 1990’s in European resorts so it’s half bread and half cake like. You’ll know what I mean if you ever went to the Algarve.



1 cup coconut flour

6 eggs whisked together

1 tbsp baking powder

½ tbsp salt

1 tbsp sweetner ( do not use Aspartame based but the natural sweeteners)

½ cup butter melted



  1. Butter a cake/bread tin and set oven to 180 degrees c
  2. Mix together and pour (yes pour it’s really liquid) into a bread/cake tin
  3. Cook for 35- 45 mins
  4. Slice into circa slides. Each slide is 1.6 net carbs
  5. Server toasted coated in butter


Bearing in mind I’ve not had bread for a couple of weeks and I’m really missing it as prior to this diet and I normally eat two pieces of white Warburton bread toasted with butter a day, I really liked it! It maybe a tiny bit too sweet though so I’m next going to be exploring Almond Flour and Soy Flours as a substitute.

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