Wrestling Birthday Cake

Wrestling Cake

I got this recipe from a baking magazine. I was looking for ideas for my nephew’s birthday and he was really into wrestling at the time. He loved it as he got to keep the toys as well so it made a complete present in one.


Square shaped tin (or cut your cake into a square)

Use the Basic Cake recipe

Wrestling Birthday Cake

Wrestling Birthday Cake

4 large pieces of sturdy liquorice

Red shoe lace sweets/candy

Coloured icing (sugar paste)

A couple of cheap wrestling dolls (you can but online)

Red ribbon (optional)

4 cooking skewers (be careful to remove this before serving though so kids do eat them)

Writing icing kit



  1. Bake a square basic cake, allow cooling
  2. Cover the cake with icing of your choice. I chose white but black would look good for a wrestling or fighting ring
  3. Skewer the liquorice with the skewers so they sit at the top of skewer and insert the uncovered part into the cake. Repeat for the four corners
  4. Tie the red laces around the four corners to look like rope. This can be a bit tricky but it doesn’t matter too much if you can see the knots
  5. I used writing icing to make the symbol of the floor but you could even buy a pre-made stencil online. Red ribbon placed around the outside helps the ring look more rigid
  6.  Allow to dry
  7. Add the wrestlers or fighters of your choice. This would work well for video game or other TV show themed cakes where there are opposing characters

Some materials to buy if you want to copy this:



Red Laces


Wrestling Figures


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