The Perfect Spanish Tortilla/Omelette

Whether you call it an omelette or a Spanish tortilla and serve it warm or cold I absolutely love this type of dish. I can completely understand how this evolved in the heat of Spain to be a cold tapas though. Cutting it into slices and serving alongside other small dishes and a lovely glass of Rioja just makes sense.



  • 6 eggs (or however many you like but adjust the proportions in line). Don’t make it too few it you want to cut it into slices though!
  • Salt and pepper pinches
  • Potatoes (peeled; boiled and cut into little pieces)
  • Red onion cut into thin slices
  • Oil to fry
  • Knob of butter (melted)
  • Splash of milk
  • Herbs and spices you like e.g. pinch of sweet paprika or chill flakes
  • Optional: Grated parmesan or cheddar



  1. Peel; cut into small pieces and boil the potatoes then allow to cool whilst you do the rest
  2. Crack and beat the eggs in a container such as a Pyrex jug so you can pour it later
  3. Add the salt; pepper and any herbs/spices you like
  4. Slice the onion and add to the mix
  5. Add the milk and butter (remember to melt the butter or it will sit in a big blob)
  6. Add the oil to a frying pan and heat at medium (try to pick a pan with a metal handle and not plastic so you can put it under the grill later if you want to)
  7. Add everything to the pan and heat for a few minutes until the bottom of the mixture starts to set
  8. Either flip the mixture using another plate very bravely or sprinkle with cheese and place under a hot grill for 30 seconds to a minute watching carefully until it browns and sets on top
  9. Either eat immediately if you like it warm or allow to cool and cut into slices for tapas
  10. Serve with a nice glass of Rioja wine!



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