‘Hellofresh’ try Pork and Apple Burgers

I wanted to recommend a new unusual way I found this week of making burgers. I order ‘Hellofresh’ delivery service every once in a while, when I fancy some inspiration for new recipes and some healthier food. This week Pork and Apple burgers arrived and as I always love a burger it was worth a try. I’ve made lots of burgers over time including breadcrumbs or no breadcrumbs or binding with egg or no egg but I’ve mainly focused on the meat. What was really unusual about this recipe is that it wanted you to grate a whole apple and dry it using kitchen paper and add it to the pork mince. Alongside some seasoning this really made the juiciest burger that was unsurprisingly more sausage pattie like than anything else. It was definitely a great way to add flavour and moisture to a burger, so I’d highly recommend it.

Accompanying the burgers were my favourite style of slow cooked wedges which I’m already a major fan of (see my recipe) but this variation using rosemary was a perfect addition.

Some pictures.



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