Making Wedding Confetti

As part of my planning for our wedding next year I started researching Wedding confetti. The first thing I found interesting was that if you read your wedding venue contract a lot of places don’t allow confetti at all and the ones that do only allow biodegradable confetti. What happened to the little paper boxes? I believe the reasoning is that churches and wedding venues can have multiple weddings in a day so they don’t want the first wedding ruining the venue for the next couple.

This led me to researching natural confetti such as petals that have been dried. A quick search on the internet shows you can buy these pre-made into little packets or cones for up to £200 a go! For a natural ingredients that’s rather expensive in my view. Therefore I’ve decided to make my own. I started by pulling the petals from some roses my lovely other half bought me the other day and laying them out on a tea towel in the sunshine. Don’t do this on a windy day as they all float away. I believe you can also out them in your airing cupboard if the weather isn’t so nice. My next step is go to the local parks and see what other petals i can collect and dry out to make up my confetti collection.


Next year once the petals are all collected and dried i’ll put them into little lace cones (bought from the local discount store as paper dollies) and thus save a fortune. I’ll do a little update of the cones when I complete them.

Now off to the park!

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