Home brewing tequila lime beer

Today’s attempt is definitely not a recipe as such but a fun attempt at making our own beer. I’m hoping to get to a point whereby I can try out different hops and recipes but thought it best to start at the beginning.

Previously I’d bought a basic beer kit to make Elderflower champagne – see below.


Basic Kit I bought:


Whilst browsing a TK Maxx store I found a Tequila lime kit so thought it would be the next fun recipe to try. I couldn’t find it online so have included a similar one that I will probably try next!

Fun Beer Kit


Basically, follow the instructions! They all vary. In essence you will add the kit to some water; keep it in a warm place for a few weeks until brewed and then bottle it.

My tips:

  • Keep at a warm constant temperate or it won’t brew
  • Make sure you sterilise everything so no bugs get in and ruin your work. If your kit doesn’t have one buy one
  • When you bottle I’d recommend the ‘Grolsch’ style lids as they allow gas to escape if it hasn’t quite finished brewing so the glass bottles don’t explode
  • Buy some bottles and caps or lids! They tend not to come with the kits
  • Buy a cap fitter
  • Get some funky labels made up from ‘Etsy’ or ‘eBay’ to really personalise your brew
  • I’d also recommend a hydrometer to be able to see and not guess your alcohol percentage but it’s a nice to have for your first batch
beer pouring into glass cup

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Easy Caps


Standard Cap Fitter


I also found this that looked an amazing try for my next purchase… making Cider!

If you have any ideas or recipes for me to try please do send them through.



Tequila lime beer Home brewing

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