Quick and easy Lamb Biriani

Hello fresh inspired lamb Biriani


Another Hello Fresh recipe review for today. Lamb Biriani. It absolutely was not all what I expected and will definitely take the recipe and probably add some more chunky bits of lamb and probably move the whole dish to my slow cooker. It was really refreshing to get inspiration though for a meal I’d not really ever had before.

The recipe details are above but in essence you brown off the meat; add the sauce and then the rice and jet all the flavors mix together. Remember to put a lid on as the rice dies continue cooking in the residual steam.

I loved the addition of sweet raisins as I love any meat and sweet dish and I’d highly recommend serving with soured cream.

Halloumi Burger

Halloumi sweet chili burgers

  • Halloumi Burger

    Halloumi Burger

    Halloumi Frying

    Halloumi Frying



Halloumi Frying

Building the burgers

Burger done

Burger done


Without a doubt this is best recipe find of the month. Another hello fresh addition but probably the most surprising burger I’ve ever had. It’s so easy to make and even my other half loves it even though it’s not meat and full of veggies. I’ve put a link to the full recipe but I’ve recreated this already using shop bought ingredients as do easy to do.

Simply cut a deseeded pepper in half and roast in the oven for 20 mins coated in olive oil and seasoning.

Fry off the halloumi in relatively thin slices and set aside.

I love a charred burger bun so you can either put them in the oven or toaster oven or I prefer to smear them with a little olive oil and dry fry in a hot pan. A good tip is to toast the bottoms in parallel to the tops and then flip over so can see how brown they are getting.

Smear a little mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce (Aldi has a good one) on the top and bottom of the bun.

Add the half roasted pepper and halloumi slices.

Add lettuce and salt and pepper if you like that.

I like to serve it with my spices baked wedges- are recipe below.


HelloFresh Ragu Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake

After the wedding we decided we needed to get healthy again and stop ordering takeaway so as is the usual drill we restarted our hello fresh subscription we had on pause.

I do love a good hello fresh recipe as once you’ve had your weekly delivery of food the fridge always looks amazing stuffed with healthy vegetables.

The first item on the weekly agenda is a beef Ragu with wheat pasta and a side of tomato and cucumber salad.

The full recipe is linked below but in essence you boil your pasta in some salted water; brown off your mince and add the tomato paste and spices. When all cooked simply dump in an oven proof dish and top with torn pieces of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Baked for 20 minutes so you get those crispy bits.

The side salad was my favourite new discovery of the week. Simply chop up tomatoes, cucumber and dress in a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Really simple but a recipe I’ll keep.

Fried Halloumi Wraps with sweet potato wedges


This recipe was inspired from one of our food delivery service menus from the company ‘Hello Fresh.’ Halloumi cheese is an utter indulgence in my opinion. I think I first had it in Portugal simply fried and remember calling it the squeaky cheese as a kid. As an adult I now thing it is my favourite cheese, period.

The wedges go really well with the wraps as the spice on the potato seems to complement simplicity of the cheese.



1 large or 2 smaller sweet potatoes

1 tbsp of sweet paprike

Olive oil spray (or drizzle)

Pinch of salt and pepper


  1. Slice the potatoes into long thin; flat wedges (no need to peel) and lay put them in a large bowl
  2. Spray the wedges with oil and coat with seasoning and spice
  3. Bake for 1 hour in at 160c


1 piece of halloumi cheese

4 wholemeal wraps

2 tbsp greek yoghurt

1 tsp sweet paprika

Pinch of salt and pepper

1 carrot, peeled and grated


  1. Mix the yoghurt with the spices and carrot, and set aside
  2. Fry the halloumi cheese on a medium heat until charred
  3. Serve the cheese in the wraps with a spoon of the yoghurt sauce
  4. Add salad if you want to bulk the wraps out such as lettuce and tomato

‘Hellofresh’ try Pork and Apple Burgers

I wanted to recommend a new unusual way I found this week of making burgers. I order ‘Hellofresh’ delivery service every once in a while, when I fancy some inspiration for new recipes and some healthier food. This week Pork and Apple burgers arrived and as I always love a burger it was worth a try. I’ve made lots of burgers over time including breadcrumbs or no breadcrumbs or binding with egg or no egg but I’ve mainly focused on the meat. What was really unusual about this recipe is that it wanted you to grate a whole apple and dry it using kitchen paper and add it to the pork mince. Alongside some seasoning this really made the juiciest burger that was unsurprisingly more sausage pattie like than anything else. It was definitely a great way to add flavour and moisture to a burger, so I’d highly recommend it.

Accompanying the burgers were my favourite style of slow cooked wedges which I’m already a major fan of (see my recipe) but this variation using rosemary was a perfect addition.

Some pictures.



Hello Fresh Review: Rosemary Chicken

I’ve been trying ‘Hello Fresh’ (https://www.hellofresh.co.uk) which is a delivery service for fresh and healthier foods for a few weeks now. I’ve been talking about it at work and sharing my opinions with my family so I realised that I should probably share it here too. I guess Mrs Beeton was trying out recipes so I should continue in the same vain.

I started ‘Hello Fresh’ because I’d seen an advert for it online. I love cooking and trying new things and I have got into the same routine recently so figured I’d give it a go. The main thing it does for me is make me eat lots more vegetables and includes them in a much more interesting way than I was used to cooking. It also teaches me new methods and techniques and you get to keep the recipes (in a pretty little binder) so you can recreate them going forward buy just buying the same ingredients.


I picked the couples box with meat. I understand there is a family and vegetarian option and also I saw some dinner party and Easter special boxes recently too. Our box is simple and includes 3 meals for two people. We tend to mix these in with our normal routine allowing making sure we eat something new 3 times a week but also allowing for the odd meal out and takeaways. I will say that the portions are much larger than I thought they would be and we more often than not have enough for a 3rd portion for lunchboxes at work.

I get super excited on a Sunday when the box arrives unpacking it and I do have a slightly smug Sunday looking at the fridge full of vegetables which normally just has the veg for Sunday lunch.

I also love the Rewards system so every box you earn reward points which you can redeem on free items. I was inordinately excited when my free tea towel arrived. How sad am I!

It’s not massively cheap but also it’s not mega expensive and you can stop it whenever you are away or don’t fancy the menu that week. I should say here that every week you can pick generally from 5 choices for the 3 that you prefer. It works for me and only once have I not used a box so I suppose that’s a good advert!

This week we tried Rosemary Glazed Chicken. It taught me three things:

  1. Brown your chicken first at a high heat and then cook it in the oven to make sure it’s cooked through rather than trying to do it all in a frying pan
  2. Leeks are amazing. I clearly had cooked them poorly before. This recipe makes you soften them in a tiny bit of butter but also has you cook them a little in chicken stock so they are so tender
  3. Rosemary Jam is an essential ingredient. They send you 3 little pots of the stuff and now I’m off to the supermarket to see if I can find a big jar