Decoupage shoes

I used to have a really obsessive hobby in covering anything and everything in pretty paper. Decoupage is very therapeutic. One of the things I’ve previously made were my night before my wedding shoes that I covered in a video game theme. Recently a friend who is getting married asked me to make custom ones for her and her theme is some Marvel comic characters.

I therefore proceeded to make some wedding shoes. Decoupage is super simple especially if you don’t get caught up in the expensive kits. All you need is some PVA glue; water, a brush and some light weight paper with a pattern. Very simply you mix the glue with a splash of water and brush on whatever item you want to cover. Then smooth on the paper and coat again. That very simple is decoupage.

There are however some tips I can give you from over the years. The surface of whatever you are covering needs to be clean and dry. It helps if it’s shiny to be roughed up a bit. For example these shoes were patent gloss so I sanded them slightly with sand paper and a nail file. You should also try to use neatly cut; not torn bits of paper to keep it neat and use as small as is sensible especially around curves. I also like to cut out some blocks of matching colour from the same source. For example on the Green Lantern shoe I cut up small pieces of green from the comic book to provide a little background.

Finally PVA is waterproof to a degree but if you want your end product to last longer I’d recommend a light coat of craft clear spray varnish in very thin layers to prevent white bubbling.

Go decoupage!


Update on making your wedding confetti

I just wanted to update you on how the wedding confetti turned out.

The petals kept didn’t rot or brown and kept their shape in their little lace cups. We bought a wooden box to put them in that we now eat to keep.

And ultimately they were a complete pleasure to walk under… Wedding photo

Creation post..

Wedding confetti make

If you want the doilies, you can get them cheaply at:

Wedding Favours honey rum and matches for sparklers

For our wedding I wanted some personalized favours but really didn’t want to pay lots of money for them. We also wanted to tailor them to our family and this particular brand of honey rum is special to us.

For the rum favours I bought a set of miniature bottles from eBay and some personalized stickers. On our last trip to Gran Canaria we brought back some of our beloved rum and using a funnel I filled each bottle and sealed them up.

We were also having sparklers in the evening so I bought a multipack of matches and used some of the leftover stickers to really make them special.


Amazon link to the bottles I bought:

And if you’d like our honey rum:

Wedding cake toppers

I thought I’d share with you a craft that actually new husband did and a cheeky shot of our amazing wedding cake made by Northwich Cakes.

These characters are actually amiibos which are Nintendo interactive toys you can use with in video game. Last year there happened to be a Mario oddesy game release that Mario and princess got married so it was fitting we use them for our video game themed wedding. This is actually daisy below and she has dark hair like mine and not princess peach.

My other half bought some paints from a craft store and got to work painting Mario’s suit to match his. It was originally white and painting Daisy’s dress to make it more wedding gown like. Oh and eyes to make them blue like mine. The end result is just perfect and fits beautifully with the rest of the cake theme.


Just married..

A mini update for today.. we got married!! I’ve lots of blog posts to come of the food; wedding crafts and how we went about planning our wedding but for now I just wanted to share this picture of how happy we look.

Also a reminder that I have a simple wedding planning book out there if you want some practical advise on wedding organisation.

Make your own wedding bouquet

When researching getting married I was definitely shocked at the price of wedding flowers especially bouquets. You can buy them fresh or from silk flowers pre-made. I’m a bit crafty and love to try new topics so I figured how difficult could it be?

Having pre-chosen my colours, I purchased a range of cheap loose flowers and greenery from Amazon. You can get this type of flowers in the UK locally in Hobbycraft stores, but they are super expensive.

I’ve included some links below to the items I bought if you are interested.

Once the flowers arrived, I worked out the metal underneath is really tough and can be sharp so be careful. I ended using metal cutters and some tweezers to shape them into a bunch. I covered the stems (where you hold the bouquet) with thick tape (duct) to give it real stability. That was a bit ugly though so I bought some green floral tape that is normally used to cover real flowers so it would look a bit more authentic.

I’m really pleased with the end result. I loved it so much in the end I didn’t throw it at the wedding and now they reside in a vase in our living room so I get to keep it forever.

Make your own wedding bouquet Make your own wedding bouquet

Product links:

Wedding Post Box

The wedding prep continues.. This weekend’s task was a Wedding Post Box in order to hopefully hold any lovely cards we get from our wedding guests.

I will completely own this though as a cheat. I thought about making one and then I saw the prices of the ones to buy and the vary between £10 and £50! I came to a compromise of buying a kit on eBay and customising it to the colour theme of the wedding. As with all of my wedding blogs I won’t spoil the end result but will do that post wedding but hopefully you can see enough of it and see how you can make something fairly cheaply but special.

This is the kit. It comes flat packed with the cut-out pieces still in their single sheet ready to push out.

If you want one similar here’s a link:

wed post box 3

My next decision was colour. The wedding colour themes are duck egg blue and rose gold so that’s what I went with. I choose some acrylic blue in a matte and some shiny metallic rose gold which i then used on a whole range of wedding crafts for consistency.


So using some PVC glue I stick the letters and trim; painted the core box in blue and the trim in gold.

Update on Wedding Confetti

Our wedding is getting closer, so the wedding planning and crafting is getting much more serious, and my organisational skills need to kick in. Earlier in the year when the flowers were in bloom I collected and dried lots of petals (see link to blog below) and now I’m moving onto making these actual wedding confetti. I saw a really fab picture on Pinterest for wedding cones made from lace and stored in what looks like an apple crate. My father-in-law to be is a really good wood craftsman so I’ll share some of the other items he’s making for the wedding in future but in light of that he’s agreed to make us the box to store them (see picture below). Post wedding so I don’t spoil the reveal I’ll share a picture of the full box.

So then I needed the lace cones. I bought some paper dollies from the local pound store. By cutting them in half and gluing them together you can make a good cone. If you use two layers and insert one into another you get a stronger and prettier lace effect. I sealed the front with a sticker which I got personalised from a store on eBay with our wedding married names.

The plan closer to the time is to then pour a small amount of my dried petals into each cone and the place the cones in the box and voila.. hopefully homemade wedding confetti (and we should have a nice apple crate/box to keep forever).

I’ll update after the wedding with final photographs.

Some materials to buy to copy this:

Wooden Crate


Personalised Stickers

Elderflower Champagne

Elderflower Champagne

This is the simplest and cheapest recipe to make your own alcohol and also, it’s super lovely; fragrant and is fizzy. With the fashion for ‘Prosecco’ at the moment this made excellent Christmas gifts for my family, and I’ve also heard of people making it for the start of their wedding reception as a cheaper and more personal version of ‘Champagne’ to toast with. image01

You really don’t need to buy any expensive home brewing kits for this one but if you do buy one, you can always move onto different hedgerow varieties such as ‘Nettle Beer’ or even store-bought kits which are great fun to try out.

Also, if you really get into making alcohol at home it’s a good idea to buy a hydrometer* (even supermarkets sell these now) as it will tell you the percentage of alcohol you make but if you are just trying a few basic recipes, it’s not really worth it.


  • 4 litres hot water
  • 2 litres cold water
  • 700g sugar
  • Juice and zest of 4 lemons
  • 2 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 15 elderflower heads
  • Pinch dried yeast
  • Large bucket or professional fermenting container (You can buy online – see links below)
  • Some bottles. I like the ones with the pressure release tops as Elderflower wine can produce a lot of gas so it’s a bit safer than screw top or sealed glass bottles (see below)


  1. In Springtime head to the local park and look for the Elderflower trees. They have a spray of flowers out from one stem and the leaves have serrated edges. They are best when they are white and pick heads from about shoulder height, that way you’ll ensure you get an Elderflower and nothing toxic as Elderflowers grow from bushes and not directly from the ground. Collect around 20 heads cutting them off with scissors/ (1)
  2. Dissolve the sugar in the hot water.
  3. Add the cold water and the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Stir.
  5. Leave to ferment with either a pressure lid or a piece of cloth covering the top for about a week. Stirring occasionally.
  6. After a week the sediment should have sunk to the bottom so decant either very carefully with a jug or with a syphon (tube or pipe straw).
  7. Pour into bottles and seal.
  8. It can be drunk immediately or kept for a couple of months.

I’d also highly recommend The River Cottage method as that’s the first place I ever saw someone make this lovely brew (

Some materials to buy if you want to do this recipe:

Bottles with swing top lids

Beer making kit with basic brewing container


Making Wedding Confetti

As part of my planning for our wedding next year I started researching Wedding confetti. The first thing I found interesting was that if you read your wedding venue contract a lot of places don’t allow confetti at all and the ones that do only allow biodegradable confetti. What happened to the little paper boxes? I believe the reasoning is that churches and wedding venues can have multiple weddings in a day so they don’t want the first wedding ruining the venue for the next couple.

This led me to researching natural confetti such as petals that have been dried. A quick search on the internet shows you can buy these pre-made into little packets or cones for up to £200 a go! For a natural ingredients that’s rather expensive in my view. Therefore I’ve decided to make my own. I started by pulling the petals from some roses my lovely other half bought me the other day and laying them out on a tea towel in the sunshine. Don’t do this on a windy day as they all float away. I believe you can also out them in your airing cupboard if the weather isn’t so nice. My next step is go to the local parks and see what other petals i can collect and dry out to make up my confetti collection.


Next year once the petals are all collected and dried i’ll put them into little lace cones (bought from the local discount store as paper dollies) and thus save a fortune. I’ll do a little update of the cones when I complete them.

Now off to the park!