Sephora Makeup Palette

I’m definitely not a beauty blogger but I did want to share and recommend this tip for storing makeup that I’d never seen before and have really fallen in love with. You can buy these but also I guess you could make one too. The American makeup company Sephora sells a container for your powdered makeup such as blush; bronzer and eye shadows. It’s a little palette with a clear lid and is completely empty when you buy it other than some little flat removable magnets. They then sell their powered makeup in metal containers so you pop each one out and place on the magnet and fill the palette with all your favorite items. It’s a great way to carry around your items rather than as individuals. I’ve taken mine all around the world and it’s never come open. What I also worked out was that most normal powdered makeup you buy comes in a thin metal container once you dig it out of its plastic container, so you don’t just have to use the Sephora branded stuff. Be careful doing this though as they are often glued down so you’ll need something sharp to prize them out.

If you are not based in the US you can order this online but shipping costs are quite high so share the cost with someone else or order a lot at one time. Also, I guess you can make one out of an old container adding a magnetic base and some little magnets if you are feeling particularly creative!






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