Make your own wedding bouquet

When researching getting married I was definitely shocked at the price of wedding flowers especially bouquets. You can buy them fresh or from silk flowers pre-made. I’m a bit crafty and love to try new topics so I figured how difficult could it be?

Having pre-chosen my colours, I purchased a range of cheap loose flowers and greenery from Amazon. You can get this type of flowers in the UK locally in Hobbycraft stores, but they are super expensive.

I’ve included some links below to the items I bought if you are interested.

Once the flowers arrived, I worked out the metal underneath is really tough and can be sharp so be careful. I ended using metal cutters and some tweezers to shape them into a bunch. I covered the stems (where you hold the bouquet) with thick tape (duct) to give it real stability. That was a bit ugly though so I bought some green floral tape that is normally used to cover real flowers so it would look a bit more authentic.

I’m really pleased with the end result. I loved it so much in the end I didn’t throw it at the wedding and now they reside in a vase in our living room so I get to keep it forever.

Make your own wedding bouquet Make your own wedding bouquet

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